"In the spirit of building relationships, I am happy to share my story."
Jason Perkins
In the early 2000’s, I started what became a very successful door and furniture business. However, after many years of success, I slowly fell into an opiate addiction that resulted in the loss of everything in my life. My business, my family and myself.
Over the next few years, I sank further and further into active addiction. During this time, I met Danielle and we had two boys together. Eventually, the day came when Danielle could go no further, she and the boys moved out of our home. Over the next few months, I ran further away from reality and wasn’t allowed around my children and my dad had to walk away as well.
Against her better judgement, Danielle and I met at Colonial Church on April 21, 2013. Her heart was broken again when it was obvious that I had already used that morning. Jim Botts asked people to give their lives to Jesus at the end of the service so I raised my hand, thinking he wouldn’t see me. All of a sudden I heard, “I see you back there in the back row, and I know why you're back there.” In that moment something changed, I didn't want to continue how I was living. The next day, I didn’t use, Danielle let me stay at her apartment, for some reason, and the days started to string together. It felt like everyday was harder than the last for the first month, but  the feeling of freedom was creeping in as well.

The challenges Danielle and I faced trying to repair all of the damage that comes from addiction, seemed hopeless at times, but we never gave up. Many people suggested the damage was too deep and moving on separately was the best path to take, but we did not.

All of the relationships have been repaired, some quickly, some slowly. My dad and I  became best friends again and this business was named for him.  Now married for four years, our family is together and we have this second chance to build a business for our children, and relationships for our life.

I'm sharing my story for one main reason: You or someone you know may be hopelessly fighting addiction, an eating disorder, or anything of the like...but there is hope. These struggles can be overcome!  

Danielle and I are not ashamed of our past. We are proud of our journey, because it made us who we are today. We are so grateful for our second chance to forge a new path in our lives. Please share our journey with us and allow us to build your vision.

Owners of RAPCO Cabinets, Jason and Danielle Perkins